Justine Schofield Farewells The Jungle

Its been a big week on I’m A Celebrity and last night was no exception.

Angie Kent and Justin Lacko were off again, on again after last nights simple game.

But it was Angie’s 29th birthday, and the campmates weren’t going to let a  spat with the Justin rain on her parade.

After the jungle fam bam serenaded her with a birthday jingle, Angie and bestie Yvie Jones set off together for a special afternoon treat.

If a picnic complete with salmon bagels and freshly squeezed OJ wasn’t enough to impress the birthday girl, throw in some local rescue pups to the mix and you had yourself a happy camper.

Wanting no bad blood on his besties b’day, unofficial jungle mediator Richard Reid stepped in to pull Justin into line.

Speaking to Justin, Richard reassured him that Angie liked him and that he believed that there was a good person underneath the bad boy exterior.

Like a proud dad cheering on his son from the sidelines, Richard watched his pep talk pay off as Justin and Angie finally buried the hatchet and returned to being frenemies.

After reconciling the Justin/Angie feud, Richard opened up to Justin about a years-long battle with alcohol.

In a highly emotional chat, Richard revealed he hasn’t touched a drop of alcohol in seven years after multiple incidents, specifically an occasion in Sydney where he went to a business meeting plastered and urinated on a pot plant.

Richard, Justin and Natasha Exelby had some fun in the dung.

Completing in tonight’s hilarious trial, Spewtube, the trio had to run their own tutorial whilst being showered on by blood and offal, pig fat, elephant poo and rotten eggs.

Despite struggling to read from an autocue with goggles splashed in slime, and a mouth covered in gunk, the terrific threesome seized the day to acquire an impressive eight stars.

Later in the show, Chris and Julia announced that celebrity chef Justine Schofield was the seventh celebrity to be voted out of the jungle.

The culinary queen transferred the camp into a MasterChef Australia kitchen, putting a five-star spin on a routine meal of rice and beans.

Like the pot, tensions sometimes boiled over, with Justine going head-to-head with Justin over how to use lemon in a dish.

While she loathed his bad violin playing, Justine was happy to train up a newly-appointed camp chef Tahir Bilgiç.

After being punished early on for stealing kale from her opposing campmates, Justine was tasked with a secret camp challenge to steal other items from her camp mates without them knowing. Cue a chapstick-addicted Justin flipping his lid.

A refreshingly private television personality, Justine opened up to Richard Reid about men and relationships, and how she felt she has settled into a routine and was desperate to put herself out there more.

Justine completed in three trials, the most memorable being Trubble Bath, where she was forced to answer a Q&A in a bath whilst approaching the cliff of a mountain.

And on Sunday, all seven remaining celebrities will take part in the final Sunday Slam, and Dr Chris and Julia announce our eighth jungle evictee.