Jones Family Christmas Review

Jones Family Christmas Review

Despite it being late November, Stan has already kicked-off its original Christmas content with Jones Family Christmas.

Matriarch Heather Jones (Heather Mitchell) and reserved patriarch Brain (Neil Melville) have finally achieved the impossible of having all their kids coming home for Christmas.

Daughter Alex (Max McKenna) has just broken up with her partner and is on edge anticipating her sister Christina (Ella Scott Lynch), who is returning from the UK with Sri Lankan-born husband Mischan (Dushan Philips) and their Son William (Anay Gadre). Meanwhile Danny (Nicholas Denton) is arriving with his new partner Felicity (Tahlee Fereday).

With a bushfire looming, all Heather wants is a nice family gathering, with a 14-layer cake to boot. But everyone seems to be hiding secrets and surprises that are about to simmer to the surface. Can Heather get her dream of a nice family Christmas?

Heather Mitchell is always an absolute joy, not matter the role, and here is no exception as an Aussie-slang wielding meddling mum. And watch out for a town of locals, played by Jimmy Rees and Tanya Hennessy, to name just a few.

Written by Tegan Higginbotham, who first conceived the idea as a radio play, the film balances heart and drama with some emotional stuff alongside the festive shenanigans.

This is Stan’s fourth Christmas film and it’s just as enjoyable as its predecessors, so let’s hope this tradition continues.

4 Stars

Jones Family Christmas is now streaming on Stan.


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