Jonathan scores big on Million Dollar Minute

Jonathan scores big on Million Dollar Minute

Million Dollar Minute gave away another load of cash last night.

Balwyn North medical student, Jonathan Somic, became the first contestant to win five unbeaten consecutive rounds of Million Dollar Minute in a row yesterday afternoon. The impressive feat has earnt him a life-changing cash windfall of $212,000.

The stellar ‘quiz kid’ is wasting no time in spending the cash with plans that include travelling overseas to lose weight at an extreme fitness camp in Thailand.

“I have to clear my credit card debts first and pay my parents back on some big cash loans but then I am going to fat-camp to lose 50 kilos – I currently weigh 150 kilos,” Somic said.

The 26-year-old still lives at home with his parents and said he was “flat broke, unemployed and seriously overweight” when he auditioned for the quiz show. He couldn’t even afford the bus ticket to get to the Million Dollar Minute studio – his Dad had to drive him.

“After I won I didn’t have enough credit on my phone to call my dad with the good news,” an overjoyed Somic said.

Despite his record-breaking run on the show, Somic said he chose to take his $212,000 cash win rather than risk losing it by staying and playing on for the next $300,000 jackpot on Million Dollar Minute.

“I made two complete guesses in that final round and I thought ‘no way’ – I cannot risk it to play on any more – I couldn’t bear the thought of losing that much money,” Somic said.

Host of Million Dollar Minute, Simon Reeve, said Somic sprinted through the game play like no other. “Jonathan Somic is the fastest and funniest contestant who has pushed a buzzer on Million Dollar Minute. He brought with him a formidable intelligence and a cracking sense of humour that had all of us in stitches,” Reeve said. Somic’s longer term plans include flying business class to Paris with his girlfriend and a deposit for a first home.


Million Dollar  Minute  airs weekdays at 5.30pm on Channel Seven.


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