John Jarratt Joins Territory Cops

John Jarratt Joins Territory Cops

Legendary Australian actor John Jarratt will be the voice of the new season of Territory Cops.

John, the star of such movies as The Odd Angry Shot, We Of The Never Never, Rogue and Wolf Creek, will narrate the series.

Territory Cops takes viewers to Australia’s tropical Top End, where anything can happen – and usually does.

From drunken misadventures and serious assaults, drug trafficking, driving offences, property theft and a whole lot of public nuisance, season two showcases the dangerous, bizarre, heart-breaking and humorous moments that come as part of the job when you are a Territory cop.  

Combining stunning visuals with non-stop action and compelling characters, the brand new season of Territory Cops promises to be entertaining, unexpected and addictive.

 Territory Cops returns to Ten soon.


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