Joe Hilderbrand Joins Ten’s Morning Panel show

Joe Hilderbrand Joins Ten’s Morning Panel show

Ok I will confess Ten had me hooked to the new  show just by mentioning Ita Butterose and it keeps getting because Joe Hilderbrand is the second name to be announced to Channel 10’s Panel based morning show.

The show is is one of two programs being developed by Network Ten Director of Morning Television, Adam Boland. The other is a breakfast program. More details about both programs will be released soon.

” Joe is a columnist and editor at The Daily Telegraph. His television credits include Q&A, The Drum, The Morning Show, Paul Murray Live and last year’s hit series Dumb, Drunk and Racist. His new series, Shitsville Express, will debut on ABC2 on July 2

.“Joe is passionate, provocative and just a little bit odd,” Adam said. “He’s also super smart and entirely unpredictable. He’ll be right at home on this show said Adam.

Joe said: “I have done a huge amount of things in my time as a journalist, but my whole life there have only ever been two goals that really mattered to me: to appear on television with Ita Buttrose and to beat Larry Emdur at his own game. Finally with this new show, I can achieve both these dreams. “I’m also very excited to be working with Adam again, who is the most energetic producer in the country. Jesus might be able to turn water into wine, but only Adam Boland can turn herbal tea into Red Bull.

“That reminds me: please address all complaints to TEN.”

source 10

Both shows will air some time this year and I’m excited to see what will occur


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