JJ’s comedy routine is golden as Australia’s Got Talent continues

JJ’s comedy routine is golden as Australia’s Got Talent continues

The third episode of Australia’s Got Talent delivered another golden buzzer

Seven-year-old JJ Pantano’s brazen comedy routine earned the third Golden Buzzer of the season, this time from Shane Jacobson who got his own start as a 10-year-old on the Palais Theatre stage.

Although JJ admitted he should be respecting his elders, the young comic took playful jabs at host Ricki-Lee and the judges leaving everyone in stitches.

Securing a semi-final place, JJ is off to write more jokes with his dad. When pressed by Ricki-Lee if he’ll be nicer to her next time, JJ’s answer was a cheeky “No!”

Nicole Scherzinger: “You’re so cute. But I’m a little scared of you.”

Manu Feildel: “You are the funniest seven-year-old I’ve ever met and probably more talented than some of the stand-up comedy that we’ve seen so far.”

Lucy Durack: “For a seven-year-old you have a massive personality and you absolutely take the stage like somebody a lot bigger than you.”

Shane Jacobson: “Where you’re standing right now was where my career started at the age of 10. This venue has been amazing to me. This venue has the ability to launch careers and you know how they get launched? By one lucky break and do you know how they can come? They can come in gold (pushes Golden Buzzer).”

Also tonight:

TROY JAMES – Contortionist

  • Manu: “I am going to be looking under my bed every single night from now on. That is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. Choose someone else next time, ok?”
  • Nicole: “You’re like this beautiful, fantastical freak of nature.”
  • Shane: “That was not beautiful; that was the freakiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”
  • Lucy: “You are very, very good at that. That was a terrifying nightmare and I kind of never want to see it again.”

VPA STUDIOS – Female Dance Troupe with a Message

  • Nicole: “I’m sorry to be so emotional. I just feel you because I know what it’s like and you’re not alone. Don’t let anyone determine your worth, your value, your success or who you are.”
  • Lucy: “I’m a mum to a three-year-old daughter and I’m so grateful for the message that you conveyed so beautifully and with such heart. Women like you are the pioneers that give me great hope so thank you very much. I loved it.”


THE SPACE COWBOY – Arrow Catcher

  • Nicole: “That was remarkable. You’re like the real-life Robin Hood.”
  • Shane: “Robin Hood’s crap; you’re amazing! You just caught an arrow…blindfolded!”
  • Manu: “You came on this stage saying you were going to blow our minds and you just did that.”



·        Shane: “That is the best dog act I’ve ever seen. That was like Cirque du Soleil dog good.”

·        Lucy: “That was an incredible display of puppy power; adorable.”

·        Nicole: “The dogs did so well; they were so focussed. Every trick was very innovative. Our audience – their reactions were like roars.”.


CHRIS VITNELL – Comedic Dancer

  • Nicole: “That was a crazy performance piece. You were run over by a car and then you just ended in the splits right now for us… that’s amazing!”
  • Shane: “I think I just witnessed the invention of a whole new comedy art form.”


TULGA – Mongolian Strongman

  • Manu: “Wardrobe, I need another pair of underpants please!”
  • Ricki-Lee: “I’ve never held on so tight in my whole entire life.”
  • Nicole: “I thought that I had seen everything but that was the first human merry-go-round. That was some speed you picked up, they looked like they were about to fly off the swings.”
  • Lucy: “Tulga you are a remarkable show of what a human can do.”
  • Shane: “There was no trickery in that, that was just raw power and your ability. You did something truly special.”