Jess and Felix Crash Out of MKR

Jess and Felix Crash Out of MKR

Last night saw the end of the second round of instant restaurants and an elimination take place on My Kitchen Rules.

The ellimination of Jess and Felix from WA comes as a surprise after being so confident at the table. The pair who had meticulous planned everything had a night of disasters starting with entrée of Pork Belly Two Ways as quickly as they could leaving it undercooked and chewy. The judges didn’t hold back when delivering the scores with Pete awarding them a 3 and Manu giving them a four.

Jess and Felix’s confidence took another blow with their main, Confit of Duck Cigars with Cherry and Shiraz Sauce and Margaret River Brie. Manu criticized the pair for their choice  of using  duck breast instead of the leg  before scoring a two. Pete, who awarded the team one point for their main, added: “Nothing on this plate works together. The duck is so overcooked. Without being rude, this is the worst dish I’ve had in the competition.”

While their entrée and main had failed to deliver, it was the team’s dessert of Mint Slice with Macadamia Praline that turned their night around with some high scores.

Before scoring a seven, Pete said: “I loved the dessert. It was the best dish of the night. I love food like this because it’s simple and uncomplicated. The flavours went well together.”

Manu agreed, adding “it was the best dish of the night by far” before awarding a six for their dessert, but it wasn’t enough to keep the designer and miner in the competition who  bowed out on a score of 45 just two points behind Victoria’s Harry and Christo

“I’m disappointed we didn’t get the chance to prove ourselves, but I’m still proud of us and I’ll keep cooking,” commented Jess who said she had no regrets about the competition.

“I love having a laugh and sharing my opinions, negative and positive! We were obviously very honest. It’s definitely been a fun ride.”

At the end of last night episode the gatecrashers arrived and introduced themselves they are New South Wales. Sophisticated and opinionated mother and daughter duo Cathy and Anna believe “honesty is the best policy” when it comes to critiquing food. .Carlie & Tresne (teacher and estate agent) With dreams to become motivational speakers, Carly and Tresne always strive to see the brighter side of life.

Victoria – Josh & Danielle (experimental foodies) are a feisty couple who often squabble in the kitchen, Josh and Danielle have a passion for experimenting with molecular gastronomy.

From tonight the gate crashers will go around the country with the three lowest scoring teams of the competition in another Instent restaurant round.

My Kitchen Rules airs 6:30 Sunday and 7:30 Monday Tuesday and Wednesday on Seven.


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