Jericho And AK Join Australian Survivor: All Stars

Jericho And AK Join Australian Survivor: All Stars

The battles lines have been drawn. Everyone’s favourite Survivors are back for revenge and redemption when Australian Survivor: All Stars premieres on 10 in 2020.

What would a cast, boasting the best of the best, be without two outstanding previous winners?

Resident Idol-hunter and Season 3 winner Shane Gould returns alongside Season 2 winner Jericho. But don’t let The Cookie Monster’s nice demeanour fool you. This Survivor is ready to play people against each other to gain an advantage.

And, if you thought Season 4’s Dirty Harry was the only villain on the island, think again! To give him a run for his money is AK from Season 2.

Playing the game and playing it hard – even if he did try to convince people his “chicken” Idol was the real thing – AK isn’t afraid of big moves. He’s playing both the social and strategic game and is hell bent on being seen as the one to trust.

With 24 Australian Survivor: All Stars returning to outwit, outlast and outplay each other, they’ll all be doing it their way to take the title of Sole Survivor.

Previously announced Australian Survivor’s back to prove their worth are Brooke, Flick, Nick and Phoebe from Season 1, Henry and Tarzan from Season 2, Mat, Shane and Lydia from Season 3 and David and Harry from this year’s Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders.

Australian Survivor: All Stars premieres on 10 next year