Jenny is furious as Omar and Oz take her view

IT’S two days from the Work from Home reveal space, in the Stracto sheds, and some of our Blockheads are in a world of pain.

Omar and Oz aren’t happy as their shed isn’t finished. As they are in House No.5, the Block builders often get to their house last. This has been happening all throughout The Block.

The families of all our Blockheads are with them for the night, staying at the Lancemore Hotel in the Macedon Ranges.

The next day, all the families head to The Block to see all the hard work everyone has been doing and there are some emotional scenes.

Omar and Oz are facing a huge problem, their roof, which is pretty much non-existent, is leaking.  It just won’t be done before Sunday.

Jenny is furious at Omar and Oz, who are building a tennis court right in front of her view, from House No.4.  She feels she should have been consulted more.

Jenny wins the mini art challenge, $5000 OF art plus $1000 for The Block Shop.

Sharon admits that despite all the trauma, she is going to miss The Block.


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