Jed Breaks The Cycle And Tells Tash Goodbye For Good

Jed Breaks The Cycle And Tells Tash Goodbye For Good

Cast your mind back a few episodes to where Tash sensationally left the mansion. On tonight’s episode, she returned.

Walking into the Bach Pad, Tash made her peace with Jed, asking for him to reconsider letting her back to fight for his love. Despite missing Tash, Jed was firm and ultimately he sent her home, much to the relief of Felix and Thomas.

Felix finally took Abigail on a single date where we uncovered her phobia towards ketchup, Jed hooked up with Courtney after writing a song together and Thomas saw into Leah’s heart after an adrenalin filled boat ride.

On the beach group date, Jed really dislikes the beach, especially the sand, Bella wanted a kiss and didn’t receive one while Thomas and Lou realised they were in the friend zone. Naturally at the rose ceremony, we said goodbye to Lou.


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