Jay Had No Say In The Gameplay.   

Jay Had No Say In The Gameplay.   

Another Survivor episode delivered yet another blindside.

Sandra woke up worried as Day 16 was looming, which has always been a sticking point for her in the game. At the top of the day, she knew she had to break up the alliance between Amy, Jay and Dave.

It was a brutal water showdown at today’s reward challenge, leaving the Red tribe gassed, and the Blue tribe feasting on club sandwiches and orange juice.

Over at the Red tribe, paranoia was escalating, and with time to kill, the core alliances went off idol hunting. Amy split off and was able to get her hands on the idol without any witnesses, or so she thought.

The immunity challenge pushed everyone to the brink, with Croc receiving medical attention after the cargo net wall sucked up his last ounce of energy, as Blue stole the win from the Red tribe. 

Back at camp, the hustle was real as many plans were concocted for the Tribal Council bloodbath. 

Remember how Amy thought she’d found a hidden immunity idol without anyone witnessing? Bless her, but Amy thought wrong. Australian Survivor sleuth Michelle does not miss a beat, and is not to be underrated, as she took this precious intel to the rest of the tribe to devise a plan to flush Amy’s idol.

Armed with Michelle’s keen observation, Queen Sandra quickly planned a split vote between Amy and Jay, to ensure one would be sent packing. Jordan let Amy in on the tribe’s knowledge of her idol, urging her to play it to ensure his ally sticks around.

At Tribal Council, Jay spoke with excitement about another blindside, but the poor thing had no idea he was on the receiving end of the Queen’s scheming. 

As planned, Amy played her idol for herself, confirming it just wasn’t Jay’s day, as he became the fifth castaway to have their torch snuffed on Australian Survivor: Blood V Water.


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