Jay And Jimmy Are On The Right Track

Jay And Jimmy Are On The Right Track

The Bachelor took to the skis for a single date full of chemistry.

Earlier, as payback for her blindfolding him in the Business Lounge, Jimmy blindfolded Jay and put her on his jet ski for a bit of slalom fun. Not only did she have to hold on tight to him (intentional), but she also had to trust him. 

Next, they headed to a track for a highspeed race where Jay revealed that she had previously been in a car accident. Jimmy gave her the option not to go ahead, but her competitive streak melted her fears away, scoring herself a kiss and a rose.  

Later at the group date, resident cupid Osher, designed a compatibility challenge which included the five ladies Jimmy had spent the least amount of time with – Rebekah, Stevie, Ashleigh, Laura and Sierah. 

In the compatibility tests the ladies tried to let their personalities shine through before writing letters to Jimmy. In the end it was Ashleigh who got the extra time, but when talking about their timelines, it was clear that Jimmy and Ashleigh weren’t on the same page. 

Having not received a rose, at the cocktail party Ashleigh started to panic. Being true to himself, Jimmy took Ashleigh aside and explained that while they could be good friends, the spark was missing. Not wanting to lead Ashleigh along, they said their goodbyes, forgoing the rose ceremony.  


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