Janna Pittman Opens up to Revealed

Janna Pittman Opens up to Revealed

Former track athlete Janna Pittman opens up about her past  and what exactly her future holds on Revealed tomorrow night.

In an exclusive interview, the former track star told TEN’s Revealed, With Hugh Riminton she has matured from the “drama” years campaigning for the Athens and Beijing Olympic Games, to a single mother of a six-year-old boy battling the everyday demands of parenting and studying for a medical degree at University.

Speaking from her home, Pittman explained that she looks back at parts of her life with regret and believes she has been misunderstood by the public.

“I certainly made a lot more mistakes than the average person and they were played out in the public,” she told reporter Danielle Isdale. “That’s probably the hardest – when you stuff yourself and it’s your own fault and you think, ‘Jana, you’re an idiot’.”

9:30 pm Thursday on TEN.



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