Jamie’s Super Food Family Classics comes to Ten

Jamie’s Super Food Family Classics comes to Ten

With all the reality TV shows  wrapped for another year Ten will Jamie Oliver to close out the year.

Jamie Oliver is back with a brand new series, Jamie’s Super Food Family Classics which will screen two nights a week from tomorrow,

amie returns to his mission to help us get the maximum nutrition into our food so that we can lead healthier, happier and longer lives. In this new six-part series, Jamie will show us how to create delicious, nutrition packed recipes at home for all the family.

Exploring some of the world’s healthiest countries, Jamie sets forth each week to find out what the locals are eating that is keeping them so healthy. From the volcanic island of Jeju in South Korea to the alpine beauty of Switzerland and the warm winds of Sardinia, Jamie is inspired by who he meets and what he eats.

Back in the UK, he turns what he has learnt into mouth-watering, healthy dishes packed with all the nutrients we need to keep us going well into old age.

For Jamie, super foods are anything but a fad; it is not about simply adding quinoa to a salad or coconut water to a smoothie. Jamie will introduce new ways to freshen up our favourite meals with super food, plus super easy recipes that are super healthy. Who said food had to be boring?

Jamie’s Super Food Family Classics. Premieres Tuesday, 1 November and continues Wednesday  At 7.30pm On Ten.