Jamie’s Makes A Bouquet Of Promises In Paradise.

Jamie’s Makes A Bouquet Of Promises In Paradise.

With his heart firmly placed on his tropical sleeve and the purest of intentions, Jamie is about to make waves as he enters Paradise, ready for his second chance at finding love.

Keen to put the past behind him and begin a fresh start, this is the moment Jamie has been waiting for – his very own chance to give his favourite Bachelorette a rose. But the power that this rose holds, is more than he can handle.


And, with a heart of gold and eyes much bigger than his one single rose, he’s making promises he simply cannot keep.


First it’s tenacious Abbie that catches Jamie’s eye, followed by Bachelor In Paradise Australia alumni, and party gal Brittney. Then his attention is diverted to more bachelorettes from Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor Australia, second runner-up, Helena, queen of quick-wit, Oscar-worthy winning facial expressions, Mary, and calm and classy, Cassandra.

With one rose, five promises and a date with destiny, who will win Jamie’s heart?

Bachelor In Paradise.

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