Jackie Gillies Farewells The Jungle

I’m A Celebrity is approaching it’s finale and tension between the girls and boys has hit breaking point.

Josh Gibson’s shock departure from the jungle caused the camp to divide further, with tension igniting between the remaining celebrities. With four girls and three boys remaining, Jackie and Simone Holtznagel were pleased that the number of girls outweighed the number of boys, but this did not stop them from gossiping about Danny Green.

To have a break from the girls, Danny and Peter Rowsthorn walked to the waterfall for a swim and debrief. While they were there, Danny told Peter how disappointed he was in Jackie’s behaviour and Peter spoke about what he thought of Simone and the little effort she puts into chores.

For tonight’s trial, the celebrities dressed up in gowns and suits to celebrate The A-Gag-Emy Awards. Although all celebrities were winners in this ceremony, it was Jackie who received the stand out award of Best Skin-Ematography and she was treated to a plate of hairless rats skin.

Later in the show, hosts Dr. Chris Brown and Julia Morris announced that reality star and psychic medium Jackie Gillies was the seventh celebrity to be voted out of the jungle.

Trial Queen Jackie participated in an impressive 14 trials, the most of any other celebrity this season. She demonstrated bravery by facing her fear of heights in three different trials, the most memorable being Target Practice, where she had to balance on a wobbly platform hoisted above a canyon, with nothing to hold onto. Jackie was also chosen for the only solo trial of the season, Creepy Crawlies, where she overcame her fear of claustrophobia to win full meals for camp, as well as eating her way through several Tucker Tuesday trials.

Around camp, Jackie gave Tiffany, Paul and Simone psychic readings and formed close friendships with Lisa Oldfield, Simone and Vicky. While she was not afraid to speak her mind and debate big issues important to her, a lot of the celebrities saw Jackie as a confidante and someone they could trust.