Jack Rocks The Boat

Waking up in the beautiful Kusadasi, the singles were reeling from Dalton’s shock departure the night before, especially the girls who were saved from an elimination.

The surprise move left Dan reflecting on his relationship with Naomi, as he felt it could be moving too fast. At breakfast, he approached her about this, to realign on where they were at, but to also explain that he cared about her a lot.

The morning was also a time for a brand new passenger to board, where everyone was introduced to Jack. He wanted to go on a date with Moana, but did not want to step on Harley’s toes (yet), so chose to get to know Chelsea. Keeping true to his British roots, the date consisted of tea, scones, and a song performed with his guitar. Chelsea was surprised by how comfortable she felt after her previous dealings with Dalton.

Meanwhile, Jesse and Mikaila, and Moana and Harley joined Courtney and Katie in the pool. Across the deck, Naomi and Dan, and Tyler and Paddy were in their best active-wear for a game of tennis.

It then came time for the girls to debrief in the Love Lounge, and the boys to join the Captains Table with Head of Entertainment Daniel Doody, Host Darren McMullen and Captain Paolo. They enjoyed a Turkish feast while pitching for Destination Dates and the Upgrade Suite. Jack ended up pitching for a date with Moana, which frustrated Harley. Jay didn’t want a date or suite, instead, he wanted to actually move in with Sally, leaving Darren questioning why he wouldn’t want to experience an amazing date in Türkiye. Paddy wanted the Cupids to pair him up with who they thought best.

Based on the pitches, Jesse and Mikaila, Paddy and Courtney, and Jack and Moana were chosen for the Destination Dates. Harley’s facial expression said it all, but wanted Moana to enjoy herself. Jay and Sally were given the Upgrade Suite.


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