It’s Tribal Council With A Twist.

It’s Tribal Council With A Twist.

A Survivor life line was thrown but was it caught read on and find out.

Sitting at the bottom of the barrel, Brooke and AK contemplated Sharn‘s betrayal at last night’s tribal council. Sharn had promised to vote with Brooke, AK and Shonee but instead voted Shonee out and solidified her original alliance with Moana, David and Tarzan. 

AK was feeling defeated about his position in the tribe but knew anything could happen in the twisted game that is Australian Survivor. Brooke was determined to keep winning immunity so commenced vigorous physical training on the beach. 

In the majority alliance, Moana was sitting in a great position. She knew David told Sharn about his hidden immunity idol but worried about how close the two were getting. In a plan to create cracks between them, Moana pulled Sharn aside and told her that she knew about David’s idol all along. 

In tonight’s immunity challenge, the final six had to swim out to a pontoon, compete through a series of obstacles, leap off a high ladder and complete a word puzzle.

With an intense fear of heights, AK struggled to leap off the ladder into the water below. In what was a great deal of bravery and personal fortitude, AK managed to overcome his fear and complete the course. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to beat challenge queen, Brooke who won her second immunity in a row. 

On return to the beach, AK knew he had to find an immunity idol to stay in the game. With Moana hot on his tail, AK turned the island upside down to try and locate an idol.


At tribal council, AK tried to convince his tribe that he wasn’t the biggest threat, and Sharn stressed that she has done a lot for her alliance and put her own game on the line for them. 

Before the votes were read, host Jonathan LaPaglia had one final trick up his sleeve.

Anyone feeling vulnerable from the vote had a chance to win their position back in the game, by competing in a fire challenge. Their opponent had to be chosen unanimously by the tribe but if they made fire first, they would live to see another day in the game.

Knowing he was on the chopping block, AK put his hand up to compete in a fire-making challenge against Moana. 

Unfortunately, his flame didn’t burn the rope in time and AK became became the 19th person to be voted out of Australian Survivor: All Stars and the sixth member of the jury.