It’s Too Late To Save Kate.   

<strong>It’s Too Late To Save Kate.   </strong>

After the Blue tribe’s second brush with Tribal Council, David woke with suspicions that his daughter Briana would be a target for them. This was confirmed as he walked into the Reward Challenge to see her missing, which really got Dad’s blood boiling. The game had turned personal.

Fighting for the chance to visit the Survivor Storehouse, both tribes put every last ounce of energy into the win, with Red tribe stealing the victory. The tribe picked David to shop on their behalf, but it’s never fun shopping alone, so he took Khanh from the Blue tribe along for the adventure.

Not only were there spices, beef jerky, nuts, tinned vegetables and soap to pick from, but waiting for both of them was a piece of the thrilling new Super Idol, which could be played individually, or saved until the two halves meet again so it can be played before the votes are read.  

With the desperation of two losses behind them, Blue left nothing at the gate at today’s Immunity Challenge, sending Red to their first Tribal Council.

David quickly put a target on ‘big dog’ Sandra, who he was confident is a threat to everyone’s game, but Ben wasn’t having it. He let Sandra in on the plan to take her out, and put the cogs in motion to take David out instead.

Meanwhile, Kate started to get nervous because no one was engaging in strat-chat with her. Kate’s concern set David off, which erupted with David arbitrarily exposing his ally Sam as a social butterfly at Tribal Council, despite her spending the whole afternoon trying to save him. 

Feeling betrayed, Sam rallied everyone at Tribal Council to change their vote to David, but it wasn’t enough as David pulled out his new Idol to save himself. With just three votes, Kate was tragically sent home. 

Kate shared: “Survivor is rough. The hardest part for me was the physical challenges, they were intense. I think Andy would be a little bit disappointed that I didn’t get to show my puzzle training, but he’d be so happy for me spending so much time with Sandra.”


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