It’s Tim’s reign in Big Brother house

It’s Tim’s reign in Big Brother house

Tonight on Big Brother, the housemates braved individually designed tasks, facing their fears to win $75 towards the shopping budget each.

When Big Brother’s high stakes twist offered a double or nothing coin toss on their $300 win, Head of House Tim took the chance against others’ wishes. The gamble paid off and the house was rewarded with their biggest-ever weekly shopping budget of $600. 

Later, a spin of Big Brother’s lucky wheel gave Tim an even stronger hand, when he landed the Head of House power to swap one nominee with a safe housemate.  

In a tense nominations challenge, the housemates were paired to balance eight balls on raised targets on a giant unsteady disc. Taras and Aleisha held their nerve to win safety from eviction.

Ahead of their final house nominations, Johnson came up with a bold plan to get himself nominated along with Gabbie and Estelle in order to put a squeeze on them. His plan worked.

Once nominations were announced, Tim used his Head of House power twist to save Johnson despite Estelle’s desperate plea, choosing Brenton to join Gabbie and Estelle on the chopping block.


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