It’s The Fort That Counts

It’s The Fort That Counts

Tonight, the twelve remaining Makers combined forces for their first ever Together Craft, where three teams of four created their own working billycart.

Between an aquarium on wheels and a take-no-prisoners Rocket Pirate Ship, it’s Russell, Dan, Rehana and Denise’s Bee-lycart that stole the show in a blaze of yellow and black glory, scoring them a winning patch.

With seven hours on the clock, the Master Craft elimination saw Makers individually construct and design a cubby house, for their own inner child, a child in their life… or Harley Breen’s kids.

In tribute to his twin boys, Rizaldy created a jaw-dropping Flintstones-esque cubby made from old tyres, complete with its own slide. Yabba-Dabba-Do! The attention to detail and adherence to his vision impressed judges Benja and Deb so much so, that he secured the coveted patch.

Some unexpected personal stories also came out of this Craft, including Russell opening up about how they identify as non-binary. The dollhouse Russell created, represented a safe space where they are not judged for wanting to play dress ups and surrounding themselves with feather boas, fluorescent tulle and fairy lights.

Despite the perfect concept, their execution just wasn’t there, leaving Russell to bow out of the competition. And because nobody really gets sent home on Making It Australia, they didn’t have far to go; Susie and Harley were quick to put Russell to work, adding a bit of glamour to the hosts’ shed.


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