It’s Raining Snot On I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

It’s Raining Snot On I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

Day 3 of the season and love is brewing.

Ryan Gallagher and Charlotte Crosby, have become a fast burn. With the help of resident jungle cupid Tanya Hennessy, Ryan and Charlotte finally admitted that they are in to each other…to everyone but each other.

After Ryan confessed that he has a crush on top-class sheila Charlotte, Tanya relayed his affection to her privately out of camp. And Charlotte did what any normal 12-year-old girl with a crush would do…rehearsing her approach and first kiss on a nearby tree. Revelling in her successful match-making skills, Tanya’s on a high.

Later on a walk to retrieve the washing, Ryan spotted a snake…and we aren’t talking about his ex-MAFS wife, Davina. Luckily this country bumpkin knows what to look out for, because comedian Dilruk Jayasinha was right in this spitting cobra’s sight. And that would have been no laughing matter.

What was hilarious was the pair conveying the story later in camp. Tom William’s face was clearly rattled (snake pun intended!)

On a more serious note, Erin Barnett opened up about her battle with endometriosis. Thankful to be able to use the show as a platform to gain awareness of this crippling, and often medically overlooked illness, Erin reduced Miguel Maestre to tears.

At the mere age of 24, Erin has been suffering with this condition since she was 14. Family man Miguel was shocked and visibly distressed to hear that children may be off the cards for Erin.

Rhonda Burchmore has been hiding in the shadows. Tonight, the spotlight was out and placed firmly on her as she revealed her royal rendezvous with Princess Diana.

A queen of the stage and screen for a gazillion years, it turns out ol’ Burchy has met the late Princess Di five or six times. And get this, she performed tap dancing in front of her twice. And on one occasion, she fell.

 Charlotte, Erin and Miguel’s performance in tonight’s trial, Elephant Snot was nothing short of amusing.

The hilarious trio were forced to make their way up a large, slippery foam staircase to retrieve stars. It was quite literally raining men (and women) as one by one they came catapulting down. Comedic as it was, the group won an impressive 11 stars for camp.

Do not miss tomorrow night Charlotte, Erin and Rhonda compete in this season’s first gut-wrenching tucker trial .