it’s offical The Bachelor loves Louise

it’s offical The Bachelor loves Louise

Here we go again Blake has apprently found his true love in 3rd place Bachelorette Louise Pillidge.

in his second tell all interview with The Project’s Carrie Bickmore Blake promised to would finally tell the whole story on his love life.Blake who admitted he was in love with Louise and Sam knew all about it and asked him to not say a thing about it.

“I’d been requested by Sam not to mention anything about Louise and being respectful to Sam’s wishes I was doing just that,” he told Bickmore. “She knew I had feelings for Louise absolutely and didn’t want that to be the focus. (She told me) not to mention it. And I was doing just that.” so how did Blake reveal those feelings to Lousie ?

“He wrote me a very beautiful and heartfelt letter explaining why and what happened and for me I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t give this one last try,”, “I did and in some way Blake felt he was protecting me by sending me home on that episode.”she said.  on the issue of weather  she believed what that letter contained.

I can only ask for honesty,” she said, “I can only feel what I feel. It feels right I can’t question. I need to support Blake, I need to trust in his word.”

Louise added that their relationship just felt “right” and she felt she just needed to support and trust Blake rather than question his change of heart.

“It’s a true love story,” she added. “Through everything that Blake’s faced and I’ve faced, you know, everything, we’re sitting here, confessing and telling you that we’d do anything to be together.”. Blake added “There is a real love story here,”. “There is a beautiful love story here. I came into the whole experience looking for love. I have been so blessed to be able to find that. And I’d like to move forward with that now.”


There love for each other has grown and now they want to just move on with their lives but  they couldn’t do that without announcing their relationship  first and for those wondering Louise said she plans to move to Perth and is happy to “make that commitment to Blake.”

You can see the full interview  below


Credit goes to  The Project for the video provided in which the quotes were sourced
Tonight The Project, we will chat to Bachelorettes Sam Frost and Lisa Hyde to get their reactions and hear their side of the story.

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