It’s Merge Time Baby

 It’s Merge Time Baby

Hold your breath, because this episode was breathtaking. (But seriously, we need to talk about “that” challenge.)

After 28 days playing as Heroes and Villains, the two tribes finally made it to Merge. But George is worried. On paper there are eight original Heroes and four original Villains in this newly merged tribe. He knows they’re outnumbered.

Flick reunited with Shaun to fill him in on the past 10 days. Although she’s pledged allegiance to George, Shonee and Liz, she quickly decided that sticking with her OG Heroes’ alliance was a better move.

Shonee and Liz can tell Flick has gone back to the OG Heroes which sends George into action with plans to put together a new alliance of misfits who will take charge of the game including himself, Shonee, Liz, Gerry, Matt, Hayley and Simon. Hayley’s all in, but Simon is clearly weary given that himself and George have been mortal enemies for the past 29 days.

Lifeguard Matt ends up being the first person to win Individual Immunity after the classic “hold-your-breath-under-a-ladder-and-wait-until-the-tide-rises-over-your-breathing-holes” challenge.

Heading into Tribal Council both Matt and Simon were undecided where their votes were going, knowing that as the crucial swing voters, their decision would shape the second half of the game. Liz played her idol for Shonee and with both Simon and Matt coming through for George’s misfit alliance of seven – David was sent packing in a stunning blindside.


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