it’s game on as Big Brother heats up.

it’s game on as Big Brother heats up.

13 Housemates remain divided into two groups – the alphas and the rest!.


Make It Rain – In this week’s shopping task, Housemates became storm chasers. Over 24hrs, the house was hit by a series of “storms”. When it rained, they had to collect water and fill a rain gauge using on their bodies, hair and clothing. The more water they collected, the more money towards they would receive towards their shopping budget.



Keep Chad moving so he would rack up 12km on his hidden pedometer. If successful, they would receive a bonus $50 towards their shopping budget. 


$175 towards household shopping budget. They did not get the bonus $50 as Sophie told Chad she had to get his steps up and whilst Chad still had no clue about the secret mission, Big Brother deemed it a mission FAIL!



Best Foot Forward – Housemates had to balance a ball on a wobbly platform using only their foot in a stirrup to keep it level. As the challenge progressed they had to add an extra ball to the platform. If their balls fell off, they were out of the challenge. The last person with their balls balanced won the power to nominate three Housemates for eviction. Marrisa won the challenge and targeted the alpha crew by putting up Xaiver,Zoe and Mat.

Zoe left on six votes one ahead of Mat whose now gunning for Shane who orchestrated the plot to remove him.