It’s Blindside After Blindside After Blindside.

It’s Blindside After Blindside After Blindside.

You’ve got to give it to them: The Australian Survivor: All Stars love a blindside and last night was no different, with OG villain Nick sent packing. 


At Vakama, Dirty Harry revealed to Shonee his advantage of being able to stop votes from being read out at tribal council and ensuring no one was eliminated. With expiry on the advantage dating to the next vote, Shonee advised him to keep their ‘little rascals’ alliance strong come merge.


Over at Mokuta, Nick was feeling on the outer, lost without Harry and Shonee. David saw his restlessness and set his sights on eliminating the original snake from his game plan.


With BLTs and Bloody Marys up for grabs at the reward challenge, both tribes were off to a strong start until they were tasked to shimmy up a wet log.


With Jonathan laughing from the sidelines at how poor their form was, it was Mokuta who took the lead, leaving Harry from Vakama still stuck on the pole and stalled in the challenge. Puzzle king Nick helped David with the final puzzle element, leading Mokuta to reward.


For the immunity challenge, tribes needed to hold a rope attached to a shaky table and work to stack three wooden blocks on top of each other, balancing them and heading back to the starting line.


Brooke was the first Vakama tribe member back at the start and waited patiently for the rest of her team to follow. With Shonee the final member over the line, the yellow tribe avoided tribal council.


Vakama’s win meant Harry’s advantage of stopping the votes was useless for them, and when he proposed to his tribemates of handing the scroll to Nick at Mokuta, Locky talked him out of it.


Despite his performance at the challenge, it was Nick on the chopping block and unfortunately for him, David rallied the troops for a blindside.


Nick tried every conversation possible but couldn’t raise the votes to keep him safe and David got his wish with another blindside, eliminating Nick from the competition.