Is the Biggest Loser on a publicity blitz or is it all coincidence?

The Biggest Loser is one of my favorite shows do not get me wrong. But it’s all a little too late to try and improve the ratings which have been well down on previous years.


The finale is only two days away and the winner has been kept under wraps but that hasn’t stopped the show making headlines over the past few days There have been no less then two stories about the show in the papers. First Kevin was hospitalised as a precautionary measure after filming a package for the finale.


Then Michelle confirmed she was dating The Commando on the Kyle and Jackie O show this week . This wouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone who read Woman’s Day a few weeks ago.

The question I raise is this were either story relevant news articles given the finale was filmed on April 10? and shouldn’t we be focusing on the contestants achievements then the trainers personal  lives and will any of it help the show increase an audience ?.

As they say any publicity is good publicity……………