Is Schappelle Corby cleared to try her hand at Dancing? Updated

It seems Schappelle Corby hasn’t quite gone away just yet.

Ryno’s TV is hearing whispers that Schapelle will be involved in the new series of Dancing with the Stars all the way from Bali. Because Ms Corby is unable to leave Bali   Seven will  film the series in the country making it the first Australian season of the show to be filmed overseas just so she can participate.

Other celebrities will be named at a later date but expect at least 3 Seven shows  to be represented including Home and Away, My Kitchen Rules and Packed to the Rafters starlet Rebecca Gibney who  jumped at the chance to get her new show The Killing Field  promoted before it begins.

Daniel Macpherson and Edwina Bartholomew will return as hosts.

Dancing  With The Stars is expected  mid-year  on Seven.

I can assure all of you this is an April Fools thanks to Courtney for the help and also to Chris who ensured this story got some sort of traction by sharing it on Twitter.