Is Offspring Moving on after Patrick?

Is Offspring Moving on after Patrick?

As a huge fan of Offspring I was really looking forward to season 5 but then the episode just left me thinking what the hell is going on here?

Last night’s Offspring was set six months’ after Patrick’s (Matthew Le Nevez) death and while it was clear that Patrick had passed on, as expected his presence in the series still remains, but to a much higher degree then was necessary.

The problem arose when Nina (Asher Keddie) revealed that she hadn’t climaxed in six months since Patrick was killed. Her sister Billie found this quite unacceptable and told her to rectify the situation on her own. The show very tastefully dealt with the storyline by letting us escape to Nina’s head, however showing the scene where Nina has ghost sex with her dead partner was just a little weird and shouldn’t have been included.

While I still believe Offspring is one of Ten’s best commissions in recent years. The show has used the tagline ‘life moves on’ to promote the season and while we still think about a deceased loved one after they are gone, it’s usually to remember them and celebrate their life. So as life goes on, so should Nina and the Proudmans

The show now has the hard task  of incorporating Patrick into the show, without  completely removing the character, but at the  same time not allowing his presence to dominate storylines too.

I really hope the show mangoes to find that balance sooner rather than later otherwise it might be time to move on…..

Offspring airs 8:30 Wednesday on Ten


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