Investigation Discovery’s three-hour special Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein?

It’s the most twisted story of the decade, and one man was at the centre of it all. Jeffrey Epstein fashioned a high-profile status of celebrity and wealth, but the disgraced financier’s power and connections were found to be wielding a debauched network of crime. In the Investigation Discovery special Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein?, exclusive interviews and in-depth investigations reveal new clues about his seedy underworld, privileged life and controversial death. The three-hour special  looks to answer the questions surrounding the death of this enigmatic figure.

Just how did a college drop-out, turned high school maths teacher, catapult himself into enormous personal wealth while creating a human sex trafficking syndicate catering to the rich and famous? And what despicable secrets, risks and lies followed him directly to his prison cell where he was found dead with only one question remaining: who killed Jeffrey Epstein?

Jeffrey Epstein’s repugnant saga begins in Palm Beach, Florida. Often thought of as a high-society retreat for the rich and affluent, Epstein was first accused of trafficking young women to his Palm Beach estate in 2005 – but, somehow, he escaped relatively unscathed from the law enforcement system. This pattern repeated and persisted through seven civil cases, until last year, when Epstein was finally pulled into the limelight and placed in a holding cell as he awaited trial.

On August 10, 2019, Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his prison cell, a violent and dramatic end to the life of one of the nation’s most mysterious billionaires. He had close relationships with some of the world’s most elite political figures and stars, yet remained a shadowy figure for most of his life. Epstein was eventually labelled a convicted sex offender but leveraged his considerable wealth and power for preferential treatment at every turn – until his earth-shattering arrest for sex trafficking in July 2019, and his death a month later. But when the official cause of death, suicide, is called into question, coupled with bizarre circumstances surrounding the night of his demise, conspiracy theories run wild.

This timely special follows the political connections, philanthropic ties, and famous friendships that Epstein fostered, begging the question: was Jeffrey Epstein’s death truly a suicide – or was it part of a far more sinister cover up?


Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein? (1×180)

Australian Premiere

Stream or watch Tuesday 9 June at 7:30pm on Investigation Discovery

Available on Foxtel & Fetch