Intruders arrive on The Bachelorette

Intruders arrive on The Bachelorette

In tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette Australia, the arrival of two fresh new Bachelors created a stir and bruised some of the existing Bachelors’ egos, Georgia and Clancy faced a slippery single date on the ice, and Courtney disappointed Georgia – again.

Eager to put his chemistry with Georgia to the test, Clancy was thrilled to be the recipient of tonight’s single date card.

As they departed the Bachelorette mansion in a luxurious limousine, Georgia revealed her plans for a New York-themed evening.


Arriving at an intimate bar, the duo were greeted by musician Dua Lipa, who serenaded them with a private performance of her recent hit Be The One.

Georgia and Clancy then took a wintery walk through the streets to an ice skating rink. Georgia had grand plans for her suitor to gallantly lead her across the ice, but Clancy’s clumsy skating skills let him  down.

As Clancy fumbled his away around the rink, Georgia found the humour in the situation and laughed her way through the rest of the evening, securing Clancy not only a rose but also a precious kiss.

The group date saw all 10 remaining Bachelors dressed as knights, armed with bows and arrows and competing in a medieval archery competition.

Sam decided to use the event as a strategic opportunity to reveal Rhys’ true colours to Georgia, while Courtney’s lack of enthusiasm and decision to put Ryan’s needs ahead of his own left Georgia feeling deflated and disappointed.

The cocktail party kicked off with an unexpected twist when Osher mysteriously whisked Georgia away to meet two new Bachelors: 31-year-old Italian model, Matteo, and 26-year-old musician, Todd.

Matteo and Todd’s arrival rocked the original Bachelors, who were unimpressed to be competing against two new men.

The drama did not end there, as Georgia took Courtney away from the party to confront him about his behaviour on the group date.

In the fifth rose ceremony of the season, newcomer Matteo failed to make a lasting first impression and was left without a rose.

On his brief time in the mansion, Matteo said: “I’m a bit disappointed, the original guys had more time to build a connection with Georgia. a“I just wish her all the best because she seems like a genuine and nice person.”