Intruders Adam And Symon Receive The Cold Shoulder.

Intruders Adam And Symon Receive The Cold Shoulder.

The final two campmates entered the jungle tonight.

Still mourning the loss of Jack, the celebrities were less than thrilled by the  arrival of their new jungle buddies, Adam and Symon – especially once it was  revealed that the duo only hustled a measly seven stars from the Crude Oil challenge.


Safe to say tonight’s dinner did not even touch the sides of the campmates starving stomachs, however the night took a tasty turn as the celebrities were tasked with making a grumpy ranger laugh in return for a sweet dessert.


Camp comics Toni, Dipper, Grant, Paulini and Travis were rewarded with the tastiest of treats for their slapstick talents, with Travis receiving the fastest laugh of the night as he overcame his shyness with a bold reprisal of Paulini’s ‘Sugar Baby’ tune.


Adam and Symon received an invite for an exclusive chat on Dipper’s D&Ms, where the unpredictable straight-shooting host shared that he thought the boys are up to no good. How’s that for a warm welcome?