intruder showdown sees tantrums, tears and an almighty twist

intruder showdown sees tantrums, tears and an almighty twist

Last night on Big Brother, intruders Mitch and Adriana settled in as the first two fully-fledged housemates, while charmer Brenton, secret strategist Gabe and double-threat Alex and Charlotte busied themselves trying to make a good impression.

Realist Daniel had a meltdown while tackling the latest panic room task alongside optimist Sid.

With sparks flying between Brenton and ‘smitten kitten’ Christina, his determination to stay secured him a win at the challenge and a spot in the house.

It was up to the original housemates to choose the fourth and final intruder for the game. Sid and Ari wanted to keep Gabe, while Jess and Danny rallied hard for Alex.

In the eviction room, a teary Charlotte tried to sacrifice herself for twin sister Alex, but it wasn’t enough as Gabe received the most votes to stay.

As the twins departed, Big Brother delivered his greatest twist yet, offering them a lifeline to stay in the game. With only one bonus spot to fight for, which twin wants it most?


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