Intruder Review

Intruder Review

This week, BritBox released its four-part series Intruder.

Intruder opens convincingly with a distressed woman calling emergency services as someone has broken into her home.

We then flashback to earlier that evening where the panicked woman, journalist Rebecca (Elaine Cassidy), and her husband, radio show host Sam (Tom Meetan), are hosting a dinner party. Later that night, after everyone’s gone home, Rebecca’s friend Angela (Helen Behen) has crashed on the couch, and Sam decides to stay up and do some work. It’s here that two youths break into the house.

This sets up the premise as Sam oversteps his boundary, stabbing one of the intruders as he is fleeing the scene. Same realizes that he’s broken the law as it wasn’t self-defense. The trio come up with a plan to stage the crime scene. Will they get away with it? Time will tell because family liaison officer Karen Bailey (Sally Lindsay) isn’t buying it at all…

The script, penned by Gareth Tunley, has an interesting premise and some good twists that play out over the two episodes offered for this review. But, the jury is still out on the show . The leads all offer decent performances but one has to wonder what might have been if they were slightly more complex characters.

Intruder starts strong, but beyond that, it’s a little hard to tell where it ends up.

3 Stars

Intruder is streaming now on BritBox.


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