Intimacy Week begins on Married At First Sight

The brides and grooms are reeling after an explosive first Commitment Ceremony, which saw several couples face the music as the experts dug deep into each relationship.

Personal trainer Shannon feels remorseful for the position he put his bride Caitlin in when he revealed that he was still in love with his ex. He acknowledges that Caitlin deserves better, and vows to do so.

For Janelle, the revelation that Lyndall had heard Adam make a remark on a night out has her wondering if her husband was truthful about whether something did happen between Adam and Claire. Adam reassures his bride that there is no truth to the rumours and Janelle chooses to believe him. For Jesse and Claire, the two are still living apart and Jesse feels terrible about his actions the night before. Claire is still shocked by Jesse’s behaviour but feels that if Jesse can atone for his actions, then there might be hope for their marriage.

In Melissa and Josh’s apartment, Melissa is hopeful that they can implement Expert Alessandra’s advice from the night before and try to meet each other halfway with their intimate needs, however Josh is keeping the discussion neutral.

Down the hall, Bronte is upset that Harrison’s actions on the couch didn’t match up with a text message he had previously sent her. Bronte confronts her husband, but when the words Bronte says and the writing in the text don’t align, Harrison calls his wife a gaslighter and she storms out of the apartment and cries in the lobby.

Expert Alessandra sends the brides and grooms an invitation to an Intimacy Workshop. At the bride’s workshop, Alessandra tackles the stigmas around using sex toys for pleasure and invites the brides to take a goodie bag home and experiment with the items within. At the groom’s workshop, Alessandra explains to the men that being attentive to their partner can really put them into a good place. Alessandra tasks each groom with the first challenge of intimacy week: planning an intimate date for their wives.

Returning home from the intimacy workshop, Ollie sets up his apartment in a recreation of the Fijian honeymoon he and Tahnee went on, which thrills his bride. Dan places a reservation at a restaurant in Darling Harbour and wows Sandy with a lovely meal where they’re able to laugh and get to know each other further. Despite his wife moving into a separate apartment, Harrison moved forward with planning a date for Bronte. Bronte rejects Harrison’s offer to go on a date.

Back at the Skye Suites, Adam treats Janelle to a homemade spa night. Down the hall, Jesse invites Claire to his apartment for their date where he prepared homemade bowling. The two talk through their issues and the night ends for them with a glimmer of hope for the future. Determined to show he’s trying; Harrison takes the photo from his and Bronte’s wedding down to the Barangaroo foreshore to watch the sunset.

The next day, Josh surprises Melissa with a Lego replica of Thor’s Hammer. Melissa is happy that Josh found a date idea that ties into their personal joke and Josh loves that he got to learn more about Melissa. Meanwhile, Expert Alessandra drops by Claire’s apartment and invites Jesse over to task them with a challenge in the hopes of bringing them closer together, both physically and intimately. She talks through the couple’s issues before having them practise a melting hug that has successful results.

The next morning, Tahnee and Ollie are gleeful after having tried out a toy that Alessandra gifted them.

Down the hall, the goodwill between Melissa and Josh has dissipated after Melissa has issues with Josh not cuddling her in bed the night before. That night, Jesse stops by Janelle and Adam’s apartment with gifts and an apology for his behaviour at the Commitment Ceremony, and Janelle and Adam accept his apology. Jesse says goodnight to Claire, who is ready to accept her husband back into her apartment when he’s ready. Meanwhile, Melissa and Josh’s intimacy issues have reached breaking point. Melissa accuses Josh of being less than a man and Josh claims Melissa has no depth to her beyond sex. The night ends with the both of them upset and defeated, and Josh believing that he is unable to continue in the experiment.


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