Interview June 5

Tomorrow night Andrew Denton’s Interview gets a real rockstar in Gene Simmons.


One of the last true rock stars, Gene Simmons’ reputation precedes him.

Co-founder, bass player and vocalist of KISS, Simmons is known as much for his womanising and chauvinistic ways as he is for The Demon, his blood and fire-spitting onstage persona. He’s also the relentless salesman behind the band’s 45 years of extraordinary merchandising – the KISS brand has been plastered on everything from condoms to coffins, earning hundreds of millions of dollars.

Via satellite from Los Angeles and through a pair of sunglasses (as he says, “The sun never sets on planet cool”) Gene admits to the fear of heights that makes KISS live stunts difficult, discusses his desire for a personal connection to his fans and reveals what the KISS empire has that Disney doesn’t.

Ahead of Gene’s upcoming solo tour of Australia, Andrew burrows into his relationships with women and his attitudes towards them. This, after all, is a man who has bragged about sleeping with almost 5000 women, and has been obnoxious to women interviewers, including one respected Australian rock critic. In a stunning confession, the 68 year-old rocker looks back at the person he was, explaining his behaviour (“I was an arrogant, sexist pig”) and setting a challenge to other men to not act as he did.

This is Gene as you’ve never seen him before.

INTERVIEW airs 8.45pm Tuesday on Seven