Inside Story returns next week

Inside Story returns next week

Nine’s Inside Story is making a few changes for it’s third season.

Each week, the show will  profile the courageous, the inspiring, the controversial … remarkable Australians with extraordinary stories: Australians at the centre of issues and events that touch us all.

They are the story tellers, telling their stories in their words. From the heart-warming to the heartbreaking – human dramas, adventures, mysteries, medical miracles and real-life crime – stories that shock, entertain, intrigue and challenge.

Episode One: No Limits

Queenslander John Coutis was born with an extreme handicap – a rare form of Spina Bifida that left him without part of his spine and tiny, useless legs. Doctors didn’t think he’d last five days, let alone five decades.

But, John is a tough bloke, not one to take no for an answer. Bullied at school, the indomitable youngster had his deformed legs amputated and took to a skateboard to get around. Then came a major turning point in his life, he began public speaking.

How John overcame his handicap and met his wonderful wife, Leanne, is an inspiration to people all around the world. John is now a celebrated motivational speaker everywhere from the US to China, where he’s treated more like a rock star with hordes of adoring fans. Of course, they love his warm, mischievous personality and self-deprecating humour. But, undoubtedly, it’s his courage that truly wins hearts.

Inside Story Returns Thursday, July 2 at 7.30pm on Nine


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