Inside Story February 5

Inside Story February 5

This Week Inside Story is all about people.who were born bad.

They were born bad – very bad – teenagers who committed the most horrific of crimes … and all captured on video.

 Young David Auchterlonie went out to celebrate his 17th birthday with mates but never came home. His killer – Matthew Milat – nephew of notorious serial killer Ivan Milat. Milat’s accomplice, Cohen Klein, filmed the brutal murder on his mobile phone – crucial evidence that would later convict both him and Milat. We feature exclusive interviews with a witness to the crime and hear from David’s family – still trying to make sense of his senseless death.

Also, in this episode, a crime just as brazen, just as shocking: two 16-year-old schoolmates who made a real-life version of SCREAM. Brian Draper and Torey Adamcik had a passion for horror movies so they decided to make their own – a slasher movie with a real-life victim, their school friend Cassie Stoddard.

It’s all there – captured in vivid detail on a video camera – from Brian and Torey planning the murder in their school library … right through to the get-away as the two baby-faced killers, high on adrenaline, speed off into the night.

 Thursday, February 5 at 8.30pm on Nine.