Incomplete Salad ends Masterchef Dream

Incomplete Salad ends Masterchef Dream

Tonight on MasterChef Australia, the pressure was on as eight contestants faced a two round pressure test set by judge Jock, directly from the menu at his restaurant Orana.

As the losing team from yesterday’s service challenge – Laura, Tessa, Brendan, Reece, Khanh, Ben U, Chris and Courtney stepped up to round one that saw Jock set three dishes – scarlett prawns with boab, chawanmushi and ryeberry crumpets with sugar bay honey and whipped butter.

Chris and Tessa were determined to stay out of the second round, both nailing all three dishes. Ben U cooked well, until it came to the crumpets – they were missing holes.  His prawn was undercooked and the crumpets weren’t perfect seeing him sent to the second round.

Reece struggled with his chawanmushi having to make it a second time and also fell victim to a remaining intestinal tract which saw him join Courtney and Ben U in round two.

Courtney also struggled throughout the cook, having had her confidence shaken in the first round. She fell behind as she re-read the recipe several times, trying to ensure she nailed every element. She eventually ran out of time and didn’t pre-roll all of her kohlrabi cones during the cook.

In the seven minute plating, Courtney madly tried to roll cones as well as plate the dish, and eventually ran out of time, leaving an unfinished salad. She also didn’t have time to get her salad dressing on the plate.


Even the best lamb butter and the best burrata couldn’t save Courtney, and with her dish incomplete, she was sent home.