I’m Your Woman. Review

Tomorrow , Amazon releases the film I’m Your Woman.

When I’m Your Woman opens, it’s 1970 and we are introduced to Jean (Rachel Brosnaham), who is happily married to thief Eddie (Bill Heck). Their quiet life is thrown into chaos when Eddie brings home a baby with no explanation on whose it is or where he got it. All appears to be well until Jean is forced to go on the run when he fails to return home, getting a knock on the door telling her to leave.

Jean is aided only by Cal (Arinzé Kene), a friend of Eddie, as she gets used to life on the run to escape the clutches of the criminals her husband have left agitated.

This may sound like your typical crime film, but the fact is, it really isn’t. and if you think you know where its heading, you will get halfway through the film and realize that it’s entirely something different.

Directed by Julia Hart, who also wrote the script with her husband Jordan Horowitz, I’m Your Woman takes a look at something we don’t usually see in the crime genre – the wife. Jean is as much in the dark about her husband’s chosen profession and there’s no question that she relies on men to tell her what to do. What transpires as the two hours fly by is an absolute delight.

Rachel Brosnahan draws you in and compels you to stay as we see the film and Jean’s journey develop over the course of two hours. Arinzé Kene is also very good in his role as guide.

I’m Your Woman twists the crime drama narrative in a delightful way. This is one film you need to add to your watch-list ASAP.


4 Stars

I’m Your Woman drops on Amazon Prime Friday December 11.