I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here had Polaroids, Pashing And Plastic Surgery.

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here had Polaroids, Pashing And Plastic Surgery.

Tonight on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!, we saw Billy Brownless  AFL legend shake it, shake it, shake it like a polaroid picture. Guided by mankini-clad photographer Nikki Osborne, the 2020 jungle calendar is officially underway.

He might be confident enough to rock out with his bottom out on primetime television, but as Billy told Rhonda Burchmore, things weren’t so ‘peachy’ a few years back.

After a very public separation with ex-wife Nicky, Billy told Rhonda that Nicky had fallen out of love with him and then shacked up with his best mate.

Speaking of shacking up, get your she-wee’s out for Charlotte Crosby and Ryan Gallagher. Our favourite jungle couple finally let go of their insecurities, and the fact the whole of Australia is watching, to have a sneaky under-the-swag snog. Howay lass!

On the topic of insecurities, content queen Charlotte opened up to the camp about her own experiences with plastic surgery and having sex on television.

Born with a condition called congenital symmastia, Charlotte explained how she saw a plastic surgeon to correct her condition, and ended up being upsold a breast enhancement. Which is kind of like when you go to Kmart for a cushion…and walk out with a new surround sound system.

Speaking to Dale Thomas about having sex on Geordie Shore, Charlotte got emotional as she praised her mum for supporting her and being a downright ledge.


And for anyone out there getting excited by a little dooner dance between Charlotte and Ryan… let’s just remember this is a family-friendly timeslot a

Mischievous Miguel Maestre spoke to the camp about coming to Australia as an immigrant, and how he was chased for his papers and forced to hide in a bush after overstaying his visa.

What we have learnt from last year is that trial entertainment comes down to some pretty basic math. Celebrity + electric shot + laughs = ratings.

We laughed along as Charlotte, Ryan, Erin and Tanya competed in the trial, Hell-ympic Games. With electrode pads stuck to their body, the fabulous four had to endure several challenges whilst getting spontaneously zapped.

Do not miss Sunday night when Rhonda, Charlotte, Dale and Miguel compete in the most epic trial in I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! history, Dreadmill. Plus, 12 campmates become 13 when we release another celebrity into the wild.