I’m a Celebrity February 15

I’m a Celebrity February 15

Tonight I’m a Celebrity serves up a double eviction and  double intruders.

Last week Liesel Jones was sent packing. Who will leave the camp site and their jungle life this week?

Will Chrissie Swan and Joel Creasey be separated? Will Maureen McCormick have to farewell one of her new best friends, Tim Robards or Anna Heinrich? Will Laura Dundovic’s impressive performance in two recent Tucker Trials be enough to save her?

And how will the celebrities who are left behind react to two brand new intruders: the man Australian cricket fans love to sledge, legendary English Test cricketer Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff, and best-selling author and much-loved winner of the first season ofMasterChef Australia, Julie Goodwin.

Julie and Freddie are very different, but both are strong, resourceful characters. Will their arrival divide the camp? What will happen when Freddie comes face-to-face with another cricket legend, Merv Hughes? And will Julie turn beans and rice into a quality meal?

Whatever happens, Julie and Freddie’s journey into the jungle will not be easy – or smooth.