I’m A Celebrity farewells two campmates

Last night eleven became nine as I’m a Celebrity heads closer to finale week.

Kris Smith and Keira Maguire became the fourth and fifth celebrities to leave the African jungle.  Kris entered the jungle just over four weeks ago when he met up with Tziporah Malkah to make a dramatic late entrance into camp.

During his time in the jungle, Kris took part in eight epic Tucker Trials, the most memorable being a blind dinner date on Valentine’s Day with Casey Donovan.

With Osher Günsberg as their waiter, the pair were blindfolded as they fed each other a variety of tantalising African delicacies including chicken intestine spaghetti, poached impala eyes and mealworm ravioli.

In camp, Kris struck close friendships with Dane Swan, Nazeem Hussain and Ash Pollard. But his patience was tested by Keira and Tziporah several times.

The tension with Tziporah started when Kris called her out for having a victim complex. Tziporah did not take kindly to these comments, labelling him an anti-Semite chauvinist liar.

On a number of occasions, Kris opened up to his campmates about his personal insecurities, the reason for his bachelor status, his humble upbringing, his high-profile relationship with Dannii Minogue and an abusive former fiancé.

Following Kris’s departure tonight, Keira became the second celebrity to leave the camp in the surprise double elimination.

The ex-bachelorette had the whole country talking when she entered the celebrity camp as an intruder just over two weeks ago. With friendships already firmly formed in camp, her sharp tongue and sporadic tantrums quickly put some of her fellow campmates off-side.  

During her short stay in the jungle, Keira broke records, taking part in six viewer-voted Tucker Trials and reaping a total of 68 stars for the camp.

Less than 12 hours into her jungle experience, Keira was pushed to the limit in her first Tucker Trial, Grim Gallery, alongside Dane. The reality television star was unable to contain her nerves and began hyperventilating before the trial started.

It was two stars dipped in chilli sauce which proved too hot for Keira to handle, triggering a tantrum which Dr Chris Brown and the onsite medic struggled to contain.

Keira took part in nine Tucker Trials in total, the most memorable being the epic two-person trial, World’s End 2.0, where she joined with funny man Nazeem to take home all 12 stars.

In a terrifying challenge of nerves and stability, Keira and Nazeem held on for dear life as they scaled a 10-metre tower suspended over the edge of a canyon, 600 metres above a dam.

In camp, Keira’s presence was felt in full force by the other celebrities. Ash, Steve Price and Kris were particularly unimpressed by her outspoken and naïve approach to camp life. But she formed solid friendships with Lisa Curry, Tziporah and Carson Kressley.

Both big personalities in camp, Keira and Kris will missed by their jungle family.