I’m A Celebrity changes the state of play

I’m A Celebrity revealed its new campmate and the divide finally came down in a big episode last night.

After a week of being fenced off from each other, the celebrities returned to camp to find they would be all living together in unison…well, except for resident snorer Yvie Jones, who everyone wanted as far away from their beds as possible.

Yvie’s snores were the least of the campmates worries though, as the arrival of their luxury items saw tone-deaf Tahir Bilgiç be given a violin.

The other objects ranged from practical, to personal, to just downright whacky.

Mercifully, Justine Schofield’s jungle cooking kit is guaranteed to give a MasterChef flare to routine rice and beans. Luke Jacobz will be sporting vibrant pink socks in honour of his late father, and Ajay Rochester’s back massager is sure to be a post-trial treat. A special shout out must go to Justin Lacko, who will be providing us with plenty of clickable content courtesy of his inflatable pool toy.

But a blow up bull wasn’t enough to cushion the blow of Justin’s run in with a giant gauntlet in the trial, Sunday Slam.

As Justin and Tahir hauled themselves past slips, pits, slides and gigantic boulders upon an enormous obstacle course, the international model made face-to-face contact with the ground. With his face his fortune, Justin was visibly shaken up about his injured nose. After a thorough facial medical, we breathed a sigh of relief to learn his modelling career is safe.

In more hard-hitting camp conversations, Ajay and Sam Dastyari got candid about their personal and professional lives.

In a story that ignited full body goose bumps, Ajay opened up to Angie Kent about being put up for adoption and the amazing journey to track down her birth mother. In a strange twist of fate, Ajay explained how she discovered that she had been working with her mum in a Sydney restaurant and just never knew it.

In an honest chat with the boys, Sam spoke about receiving a call from former prime minister Kevin Rudd on his 30th birthday and being forced to run an election campaign that meant missing the lead up to the birth of his daughter.

Later in the show, Chris and Julia finally divulged the identity of the jungle’s first intruder, AFL footy show favourite, Shane Crawford.

Do not miss tonight, where Shane will crash the camp with some pretty controversial news for the campmates. But first, he will need to make it through the blockbuster Trial, Tunnel Vision with Justin’s assistance.