I’m a Celeb Reveals US Sitcom star clues

Let the guessing games begin as Ten starts to reveal I’m a Celebrity Get me out of Here clues.

A US sitcom star will be among the celebrities heading into the jungle for the highly anticipated third series of the family entertainment sensation I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!, broadcasting live from South Africa five nights a week.

 The US sitcom star is not only a world famous television actor but also a stand-up comedian who has appeared in over 60 films.

 With zero contact with the outside world, daily food rations and no shelter from the elements, this star will be forced to trade their comfortable life for a no-frills existence in the wilds of Africa. Has this US sitcom star got what it takes to survive?

Going to take a stab here and guess that Charlie Sheen is heading into the jungle.  Am I right we will find out when I’m a Celebrity kicks off in 2017.