Idiotsitter returns to Comedy (Update)

Later this month Idiotsitter makes its long-awaited return to the Comedy channel.

Idiotsitter returns for a second season following the adventures of wild child Gene (Jillian Bell, Workaholics) who is put under house arrest in her family’s mansion and her father, Ken (Stephen Root, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Brooklyn Nine-Nine) hires buttoned up nanny Billie (Charlotte Newhouse, Brainstorm) to look after her. Trapped in each other’s company, the two strike up an unlikely friendship and cause all sorts of trouble. It’s an odd-couple story that reaches new depths of depravity.

Wednesdays from April 19 at 8.30pm

Update  Season 2 has been delayed in the US and will no longer premiere in April. Once a new premiere date is confirmed in the US we will share the new date for The Comedy Channel