Idiotsitter premieres on Comedy next week

The Comedy Channel will premiere new series Idiotsitter  next week.

The series kicks off in the US tomorrow and has an interesting premise that is worth checking out.

When wild child Gene (Jillian Bell, Workaholics) is put under house arrest in her family’s mansion, her parents hire buttoned-up nanny Billie (Charlotte Newhouse, Brainstorm) to look after her. Trapped in each other’s company, the two strike up an unlikely friendship and cause all sorts of trouble. It’s an odd-couple story that reaches new depths of depravity. The first episode features Stephen Root (True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Justified, Brooklyn Nine-Nine) as Gene’s billionaire father.  The first season  consists of 10 episodes.

Idiotsitter  premieres  Mondays from January 18 at 10.00pm on The Comedy Channel