Ian Thorpe Opens up about Mental Illness and his sexuality in Ten Interview

Ian Thorpe Opens up about Mental Illness and his sexuality in Ten Interview

We were all wondering what The Ian Thorpe had in store turns out it had quite a bit here’s just a small round up of The Interview everyone’s talking about

1 Ian Thorpe is Gay and Proud of it

Ian Thorpe is gay it’s a question that had followed him since he was 16 he was telling the truth when he said he had only been with women, in recent times, he realised “I’m not straight.” He says he only became comfortable discussing this with friends and family about two weeks ago. He had wanted to discuss the issue a while ago but the lie had become so big. That he feared his intercity would come in to question. He wanted young people to know “. You can grow up, you can be comfortable and you can be gay.”

2 He suffered from depression and it got really dark

He had depression before I was 19, he admitted. “I had it growing up but the severity of it really hit me then… I knew I was a little bit different but there were times that I just wasn’t happy… It was this lethargy that followed me that I didn’t understand and with all of those kind of achievements I didn’t understand why I wasn’t completely over the moon.” He subsequently hid that depression from his family and friends but he wishes he opened up to them sooner but  didn’t want to share my problems with people and I didn’t want anyone else to know that I’m unhappy because I’m living what is, you know, the dream life for an Australian. I should be having the time of my life, and I’m not.” Thorpe had also considered suicide but couldn’t go through with it due to the impact it would have on his family

It is a confronting yet deeply personal story for Ian Thorpe who rightly deserves every ounce of gratitude from everyone for sharing his story so publicly.

You can see the full interview at TenPlay it is worth every second








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