I Own Australia’s Best Home comes to Lifestyle Home

I Own Australia’s Best Home comes to Lifestyle Home

LifeStyle HOME’s spectacular new property show I Own Australia’s Best Home takes a sticky beak inside some of the country’s most stylish and breathtaking abodes to find the owner of Australia’s Best Home.


Three renowned Australian experts, interior designers Gillian Khaw and Tim Leveson, and architect Nick Tobias, will scour Australia to find some of our most stunning homes, meet the owners and live with them for 24 hours to experience the day-to-day wonder of living in style.  


I Own Australia’s Best Home isn’t just about great design, exclusive houses or luxury living; it’s about ordinary and extraordinary people who have toiled over the build, design or décor of their houses, people who have left their own idiosyncratic stamp on a property and people who feel proud enough to stand up and announce to the nation ‘I Own Australia’s Best Home!’


In each episode, three spectacular Australian homes will be the stars of the show, with Gillian, Tim and Nick taking a magnifying glass to these dwellings.


Tasked to each find an exceptional property to explore, they will spend 24 hours in these homes, getting to grips with and extolling all the great features that make the houses so special. They will get to know the owners and their families, and really find out what has driven them to design and build their houses and, of course, what it feels like to live in some of Australia’s most beautiful homes.


The ultimate decision is up to the viewers who will then vote for which of the three spectacular residences go through to the Final.


Hannah Barnes, General Manager of Foxtel’s LifeStyle Channels says: “I Own Australia’s Best Home is the ultimate in property porn. Gillian, Nick and Tim are a knockout and great addition to the Lifestyle family. I Own Australia’s Best Home showcases some of the most incredible homes across the whole of Australia and proves that a home is much more than a house.”


Packed with great design ideas, amazing architecture and inspirational interiors, I Own Australia’s Best Home is compelling viewing for anyone interested in making their house a home.

Wednesday, September 28 at 8:30pm on LifeStyle HOME.


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