Hughesy We Have a Problem February 6

Tonight Hughesy We Have a Problem deals with everything from Fireman Calendars to brothers in law.

Dave “Hughesy” Hughes has had enough of his wife’s sexy fireman calendar and asks Australia’s funniest comedians to help him solve the issue.

Sick of staring at the heartthrobs pinned up around his home, Hughesy takes his problem to this week’s hilarious panel: Lawrence Mooney, Rachel Corbett, Nick Cody and Urzila Carlson.

But it appears Hughesy’s panel of helpers may not have his best interests at heart when Lawrence Mooney arranges a surprise visit from Richard McClusky, Mr December, to come in and talk about the great causes behind the calendar.

Also this episode, Hughesy and the team tackle problems that include what to do with a hot boyfriend and how to deal with a hopeless brother-in-law, as well as delving into the real life problem of celebrity guest, radio personality Brendan “Jonesy” Jones.

Hughesy We Have a Problem airs 8:30pm tonight on Ten